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IfU - Ingenjörer för Undervattensteknink | About IfU

About IfU

Welcome to the IfU, the diveclub at LTH.



IfU is diveclub at Lund Institute of Technology. The club was re-launched in 97 after having been resting for a long time and has the objective to promote the intrest in diving LTH. This of course means that we try to dive as much as possible, but also that we try to invite speakers to learn more about all that has to do with diving.

To become a member you need to be a member of student body at LTH. As a member, you get information about our dives and other activitys via e-mail, as a member, you can also sign up for all activities on this website. The price is 100 SEK per year and then added additional 240 SEK if you want to be a member of the Svedish sportdiver federation (SSDF). To be a member of SSDF is not required. As a member of the IFU you get free air fills (requires that you have a sticker on your car or bicycle) and cheaper equipment rental through our partner H2O Lund. Membership can be paid into our Bankgiro. Be sure to enter your name and phone number.

We are not conected to a specific training organization and on the board we have all the major organizations represented, and we have members who range from beginners to instructors.

To learn more about IFU write to